"Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference."
- Jim Zalesky, University of Iowa

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cutting Weight by Jordan Burroughs

Cutting Weight It sucks. That's the only way to describe making weight in wrestling. There is no other way around it. Saying no to all of your favorite foods is beyond brutal. On behalf of all wrestlers, I want to personally thank everyone who has put up with our cranky attitudes leading up to weigh ins. It wasn't us yelling at you, it was our stomachs. Please forgive us. I can't remember how many times I laid in bed, belly growling, thinking "I just want to be normal, I just want to eat." I don't encourage cutting weight, I will explain why in a later blog, but here are some tips to help you out if you do. That sip of Gatorade just turned into drinking the whole bottle. That half of burger I threw away last month because I was full, is looking pretty tasty. Not to mention I have weigh ins tomorrow, and Mom is making my favorite food for dinner. "Jordan, why don't you just drink water?" "No Mom, water still weighs something." Moms think water is this mysterious weightless wonder drink. Or how about stocking your fridge up with drinks and your cabinet with food before a dual. Been there. Sometimes it seems like I'm more interested in eating than I am with wrestling. These are thoughts that we have all had. But it can be easier than you think. No candy. No soda or juice. No snacks period. The less sugar the better. The simple things are super helpful. I'm no nutritionist, but I know what's good for my body. There are a couple big pointers that are simple but useful. I know everyone wants to have that binge night, the night of a dual. You know those nights, where you eat until you feel like your gonna explode. You have to stop those nights. You worked hard all week to get your weight under control and ruined it in one night. I know you like hot wings, but did you really need to eat 30? I know you love pizza, but did you really need to eat a whole large by yourself? I don't think so. The sooner you can eliminate nights like those, the easier it will become. Secondly, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. You need your energy. Just eat smaller portions of meals as you get closer to competition, but don't miss meals. You have to work out to lose weight anyway right? Let's have some energy for it. The most important meal is 2 nights before competition. Not the one immediately after weigh ins. Lastly, stay hydrated. Your body is like a sponge, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The more water you drink, the more you can expect to sweat, the more weight you will lose. Just don't drink too much. I learned to cut my weight the right way.Here is an ideal plan. The typical dual meet is on a Saturday. Saturday night, have good meal, but limit yourself from eating too much. During training, I walk around at about 175 pounds. I usually start dieting about a month before a competition, which I know is impossible for high school and college kids competing weekly, but making weight weekly makes your body easier to maintain. Let's say you come into practice 8 pounds over on Monday. You have 5 days to lose 8 pounds. Pretty simple. If you make it that way. Replace that fried food with grilled. Skip those fries and get rice. Dump the bag of chips and grab an apple. Small things like this are super helpful. As you get close, remember to stay hydrated and focused on the task, not making the weight but winning matches. Try not to bundle up too much during practice. When I lose weight, I start practice off in a t-shirt and shorts, and as I break a sweat from a hard drill, I throw on my sweats and keep my sweat going. I never start with sweats on. Your body gets so hot and uncomfortable that you can hardly sweat, and it's tough to workout in that stuff anyway. Stay tough and disciplined ladies and gentlemen. I know it's rough, but what part of wrestling isn't? I encourage you to cut your weight the right way. Start early. Don't wait till a couple days before and crash diet. Your diet is just important as your training. How many guys have we seen powerless in the 3rd period of a big match because he hasn't eaten in 2 days? I'm guilty of that. Not anymore. Take control of every aspect of your wrestling. Eat well so you can perform at your highest level. Sometimes you have to make the decision of what's more important to you, eating or winning. Winning of course. - Jordan

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012/2013 Team Shirt

We have the design for our team shirt for this year. It is in the style of a MMA walkout shirt. I will have order forms shortly. Family members can also purchase them at that time. Due date for the orders will be October 19th. Cost will be $20.00


We will have conditioning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday leading up to the season. Mondays: Due to faculty meetings, the conditioning will need to be led by upperclassmen. Wednesdays: We will be in the wrestling room after school. Fridays: We will meet in the wrestling room, to stretch, before moving to the weight room. This is voluntary. If you participate in another sport, please report after your season is finished.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lakeside Picture

Ashtabula Star Beacon

Article from local paper about the match:
December 8, 2011

Split city

Lakeside matmen clip Euclid, but bow to North

For the Star Beacon
SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — The Lakeside wrestling got something valuable from both a win and a loss at its tri-match with Euclid and North on Wednesday night at Lakeside Gymnasium.

We had eight freshmen in the lineup tonight,” Lakeside coach Pat Ryan said. “They got some varsity experience. The only way to learn is to be on the mat period. You’re not learning anything if you’re not out wrestling.”

The Dragons (1-1, 0-1 in Premier Athletic Conference) downed Euclid, 45-33, before falling to PAC rival North, 40-21. The Rangers (2-0) beat Euclid, 42-27, in the other match of the evening.

Lakeside opened the tri-match with its victory over the Panthers, but had to fight from behind to do so. Euclid led, 21-12 behind pins from Jeremy Adkins (120 pounds) and Mauryce Starks (132), a technical fall from Darsheed Mustafa (138) and a major decision from Ebrahim Elbagory (106). The Dragons’ Tyler Newsome (113) accepted a forfeit and Keith Griffin (126) had a pin.

The Dragons claimed victories in six of the final eight weight classes for the win.

“We have a lot more experience in the upper weights than in the lower weights,” Ryan said. “Once we’re down to the weights we need to be at, we’ll be a much stronger team.”

“We’re young and this was our first meet,” Euclid coach Mike Turk said. “A lot of teams opened the season last week. This was our first event. That’s going to happen. We had nine sophomores in the lineup with one senior and three juniors.

“I did ike that they competed and didn’t back down. I definitely saw more negatives than positives.”

Joe Kangas started the roll with a pin at 145 pounds and Riley Dell kept it going with a pin at 152 pounds. Otis Conel (170) accepted a forfeit, Justin Wheeler (182) had a pin, Kyle Conel (195) won a decision and heavyweight ChuckMorgan had a pin.

Following the victory, Lakeside had a lengthy wait as the Panthers and Rangers battled it out.Six Rangers — Shane McLaughlin (113), Eric Elchisin (126), Brian Patfield (132), Spencer Kordic (145), Ron Bolden (152) and Jake Ziegler (182) — won with pins.

“Yesterday, we spent all practice worwking on top stuff and turns,” North coach Mark Adkins said. “We practiced after school today and worked on top stuff and turns.

“I’ve been telling the guys that if we get them to their backs, we have got to pin them. They may not get another opportunity to score six points for the team.”

In the final contest of the evening, the Dragons fell behind, 31-0, before Otis Conel accepted a forfeit at 170 pounds. Wheeler had a pin, Kyle Conel earned a decision at 220 pounds and Morgan took a forfeit.

“It helped us learn that even when we have the momentum, they have to keep their focus and concentrate on winning each and every match,” Adkins said.

“They’re a lot stronger and more aggressive than we are,” Ryan said .”We’re still learning. I think (our guys) experienced a little humility tonight. They learned you jsu tcan’t quit. They learned you just can’t go out and muscle guys because you have to wrestle guys two and three years older.”       

Ettinger is a freelance writer from Ashtabula.

Lakeside and North

Last night we kicked off the season in Ashtabula with duals against Lakeside and North. Below is the morning announcement that was read during 2nd period today;
"The wrestling team kicked off the season last night in Ashtabula with matches against Lakeside and Eastlake North.  Each were hard fought battles, but the grapplers dropped both decisions, 45 to 33 and 42 to 27.  Positives for the Panthers were Jeremy Adkins, Darsheed Mustafa, and Noah Brown winning both matches to go 2 and zero on the year so far.  Other wrestlers picking up their first wins of the season were Ebraham Elbagory, Maurryce Starks, James Henderson, and Linje Ross.  Senior Rynell Roper stood out with his two victories because, in doing so, he passed former wrestler Joe Tucceri as our schools' all-time leader in career wins.  Rynell has now has had his hand raised 110 times in victory! Congratulations Rynell! The wrestlers are next in action at the Painesville Riverside Rumble this Friday and Saturday. Go get'em Panthers!"
We still have work to do to get to where we need to be. Practice will be short but intense today as we prepare for the Riverside Rumble.