"Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference."
- Jim Zalesky, University of Iowa

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Euclid Wrestling Sports Banquet Awards

Here are the award winners from our end of the year banquet:
Most Valuable Wrester: Rynell Roper
Senior Awards: Lamar Gunter, Zak Adkins, Dylan Norwood, Robert Reeves, David Cozart
Most Pins: Zak Adkins
Most Improved: Dylan Norwood
1st Team L.E.L.: Dylan Norwood
2nd Team L.E.L.: Rynell Roper
3rd Team L.E.L.: Zak Adkins
Clockwatcher of the Year: Lamar Gunter
Porker of the Year: Linje Ross
"Assistant" Coach of the Year: Dylan Norwood
Fastest Fall: Linje Ross
Team Motivator: Zak Adkins
Most Courageous: Ebrahim Elbagory
Underdog Match Winner: Dylan Norwood
Key Match: Jeremy Adkins
Most Escapes: Zak Adkins
Most Reversals: Rynell Roper, Dylan Norwood
Most Penalties: Ebrahim Elbagory, Rynell Roper, Dylan Norwood
Most Likely to be a WWE Villain Award: Linje Ross
Chris Tucker Award: Noah Brown
Steven Tyler Award: Dylan Norwood
Where's Your Head At?: Kevin Leonard
@#?! Award: Noah Brown
Team Sacrifice: Mike Hobson
Ladies Man: Ebrahim Elbagory
Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Adkins
Beast Award: Anthony Martin
Panther Award: Darsheed Mustafa
Physical Fitness Award: Darsheed Mustafa
Adversity Award: Lamar Gunter
Resiliency Award: Mike Hobson
Coaches Award: Robert Reeves, Rynell Roper, Ebrahim Elbagory

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dylan Norwood WPin vs Josh Landon (BEDFORD) 171

Lamar Gunter WDec 6to1 vs DEVON BLYTHEWOOD (BEDFORD) 189

Darsheed Mustafa WDec 10to6 vs Graig Snovak (Austintown Fitch) 130

Rynell Roper WDec 10to5 vs Tevin Harvey (Barbarton) 160

Dylan Norwood WPin vs Brett Beadling (Jackson) 171

Zak Adkins WDec 6to4 vs Daniel Lynch (St Ignatius) 145

Rynell Roper WDec 7to5 vs Ethan Janesz St Ignatius 160

Rynell Roper WDec 5to3 vs Zach Ellsworth (Wooster) 160

Rynell Roper WDec 11to6 vs Shiloh SmallsMoore (Solon) 160

Dylan Norwood WDec 5to3 vs Raemell Shephard (GARFIELD HEIGHTS) 171

Darsheed Mustafa WPin vs Marlin Stradford (BEDFORD) 130

Darsheed Mustafa WDec 6to5 vs Nathaneil Sharp John Adams 130