"Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference."
- Jim Zalesky, University of Iowa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rynell Roper - eastlake north

New Guidelines for Wrestling Team

We are instituting a three strike and you are out policy for attendance at mandatory wrestling practice starting this week.

If you choose to miss three practices and not contact one of the three coaches, Mr. Turk, Mr. Romano, or Mr. Adkins, you will be removed from the team.

Practice is not optional.

Wrestling Policies and Guidelines

Euclid High School
Wrestling Policies and Guidelines

Academic Policy:
• Everyone is expected to go to every class. Our goal is a team GPA of 3.0
• OHSAA requires you to pass 5 one-credit courses or the equivalent in the immediately preceding grading period in order to be eligible to participate in sports.
• EHS requires you to have a 1.3 GPA in 9th grade, 1.4 GPA in 10th grade, 1.5 GPA in 11th grade, 1.6 GPA in 12th grade in order to participate in sports. (Only quarter grades dictate eligibility)
Letter Policy:
• Varsity letters are given on the basis of 10 matches or significant contribution to the team.
• All wrestlers must finish practicing until the end of the season to receive a letter.
• All wrestlers must be at the Winter Sports Banquet in order to receive their awards.
Physical Fitness Policy:
• Everyone must have a physical, insurance release form, and emergency medical card turned in before beginning practice.
• If you sustain an injury, inform a coach of the injury and we will have our trainer examine it. Injuries may excuse you from practicing but not practice.
• You are responsible for checking your weight before and after each practice.
• You must inform the coaches and our athletic trainer of any skin infections so they can be checked out.
• Fingernails must be cut, and no rings, earrings, or necklaces are to be worn during practice.
Attendance Policy:
• All practices, meets, team meetings, and team functions are to be attended unless an emergency situation exists.
• All appointments should be scheduled for times that do not conflict with your wrestling responsibilities.
• In order to be excused from practice you must do the following;
o Phone or e-mail a coach the night before.
o Find, either Coach Turk or Coach Romano during school and tell us.
o Bring in a Doctors note after appointment.
• Excused Absences include; Family Death, Doctor/Dentist appointment, Family decisions
• Unexcused Absences include; Detentions, Extended Days, Work, Oversleeping, No ride to practice

Pre-season Conditioning:
• You must have a current physical to condition.
• Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the wrestling room.
• Starts at 2:45 PM. Be in the room ready in t-shirt, shorts, running/wrestling shoes.
• Will last until approximately 4:00 or 4:30PM.
• There are openings in every weight class. (14 positions)
• The first wrestle-off of the year is one match. After that, the returning varsity member must only win the first wrestle-off match. If the challenger wins the first wrestle-off of the rematch, then wrestle-offs become a two out of three challenge.
• You can only wrestle-off for the weight that your BMI assessment says that you can wrestle at that week or one weight higher.
• Weight classes: 103-112-119-125-130-135-140-145-152-160-171-189-215-HVT.
Practice and Meet Rules:
• Practice will begin at 2:45 P.M. everyday inside the wrestling room.
• At that time wrestlers will be dressed and ready for practice. (T-shirt, shorts, running/wrestling shoes)
• When issued, headgear will be required to be worn at every practice.
• Practices will last until approximately 5:00 or 5:30 P.M.
• Everyone must have clean practice gear, which includes kneepads and shoes.
• Do not leave an assigned area without notifying a coach. (Ex. bathroom break, locker, school locker)
• Do not steal or destroy school property.
• Horseplay, fighting, or swearing will not be allowed during practice.
• Show good sportsmanship to coaches, teammates, fans, and others.
• We sit together as a team at all meets and tournaments.
• Academics come first. We are Student Athletes, not Athlete Students. You are responsible for your grades to be eligible to wrestle. (We do not send around grading sheets.)
• You must ride the team bus to a meet. If you miss the bus you will not wrestle.
• I prefer you to ride the team bus home from a meet, but if your parent or guardian is present you may ride home with them.
• If you are late to practice, you will do extra at the end. See Consequences below.
• Any reported violations of the Code of Conduct (drinking, smoking, drug usage), school rules, or anything that will reflect negatively on the school or team could result in you being suspended from school and the team.
• Being late to practice, or unexcused absences, will be dealt with by the coaches and captains.

Wrestling Room:
• There will be no food allowed in the wrestling room, except after weigh-ins.
• You must have a lock for your locker. The wrestling room is not a locker room.
• Each night the room is to be cleared of clothing and equipment.
• You have made a commitment to yourself, your team, and your coaches.
• We expect you to keep that commitment.

Tuesday Wrestle-offs a go!

We have school today, so the wrestle-offs are now a go for after school. The winner this week will travel to Parma Normandy for the Kalin Invitational. (Mr. Kalin was the creator of the wrestling program at Normandy and first head coach of the Invaders. He was also a Euclid grad and member of the 1952 Euclid High School State Championship wrestling team!)

The Kalin Invitational weigh-ins will be at 7:00AM with a one pound weight allowance. There will be a coaches meeting at 8:00AM, with wrestling starting at 9:00AM. At around 5:30PM the finals will start. Teams invited to attend are the host, Normandy, Canton Glen Oak, John Marshall, Bedford, Akron Kenmore, Wickliffe, Orange, Shelby, Columbus Academy, and Shaker Heights.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Practice and Wrestle-offs

Due to the Snow Day there will not be practice or wrestle-offs after school today. 12/13/10
Wrestle-offs will be tomorrow, if we have school.

Week One: Riverside Rumble Day Two

The team started out very slow when the consolation bracket began on Saturday. It all started with two wrestlers not making weight and having to forfeit matches. Then there were two byes and only one victory out of 8 matches of the first round. This eliminated 7 wrestlers right away in matches that we should have won to help us in the team race. In the championship bracket things got off to a better start with Zak Adkins, Rynell Roper, and Dylan Norwood all winning. The second consolation round eliminated another three wrestlers leaving only freshman Allen Harrison going for the Beaver Bracket Championship. In the semis in the championship bracket, Zak Adkins lost a hard fought match by giving up three takedowns to lose 8-6. Rynell Roper won his match in overtime in a battle of conditioning. Dylan Norwood won his semifinal match, with a second period pin, to send him to his first finals round of his career. Lamar Gunter, who lost his first championship round match, rebounded with a victory and then a loss. Zak Adkins put his tough semifinal upset behind him and defeated a wrestler he saw a day earlier to advance him on to the final round. The finals were set up as follows: Allen Harrison going for 1st in the consolation bracket, Lamar Gunter going for 5th, Zak Adkins for 3rd, and Rynell Roper and Dylan Norwood going for 1st. Allen Harrison lost his match by pin to finish second in the consolation bracket. Lamar won his match for 5th by a 8-7 score. Zak finished 3rd in a well wrestled match. Rynell lost a disappointing 3-2 decision to the defending Rumble champion. The state alternate, from West Branch, took the lead on a first period takedown that Rynell could not recover from. Staying on the championship mat for the next weight class, with the same opposing team in West Branch, Dylan Norwood took the mat in his first championship match. He wasted no time in taking his opponent down and attempted to try a cradle. He was able to secure back points from the cradle but not the pin. Going into the second period, Dylan chose the down position. When the whistle blew, Dylan exploded up and his opponent was off balance and high on his back. Dylan shook him off over his head and looked to lock up another cradle and this time he was successful in pinning his opponents shoulders to the match for the championship win. Congrats Dylan on your first wrestling championship. With his victory, Dylan solidified the team finishing in the top ten, which was our team goal going in to the tournament. Great job guys. (Video of matches will be added this week)

Week One: RIverside Rumble Day One

After day one, three Euclid wrestlers have won their pools at the Riverside Rumble, by going 3-0. Those three are Zak Adkins, Rynell Roper, and Dylan Norwood. All three were seeded #2 in their weight classes. One other grappler, Lamar Gunter, finished 2-1. All four start tomorrow in the championship bracket in their pursuit of the title. Other Panthers picking up wins on day one were Linje Ross, Montay Jordan, Jeremy Adkins, Mike Figer, Reggie Phillips, and Donovan Hobbs.

Week One: Riverside Rumble Preview

Going into the Riverside Rumble, the Panther wrestling team has three wrestlers seeded number 2 in their respective weight classes. Zak Adkins is #2 at 145lbs., Rynell Roper #2 at 160, and Dylan Norwood #2 at 171.

Week One: Eastlake North Tri.

The wrestling team started the season on a rather sour note on Wednesday with a pair of defeats at the Eastlake North Tri. meet. Against Ashtabula Lakeside, a team that beat the Panthers 45-24 last year, we were leading the until the final three matches and dropped a 45-30 decision. This total included two forfeits by us, which accounted for 12 points for the Dragons. In the second dual, against North and a team that beat us by a 61-6 score last year, the grapplers got off to a slow start and were behind early 24-0. They charged back behind the leadership, and pins, by our upperclassmen only to fall short again by the score of 51-30. Multiple winners for the team were Rynell Roper, Zak Adkins, and Lamar Gunter. The matches that follow are of the winning wrestlers.

Zak Adkins - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Rynell Roper - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Wrestling Wars

Lamar Gunter - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Mike Figer - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Zak Adkins - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Lamar Gunter - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Dylan Norwood - Euclid High School - Eastlake North Tri

Monday, December 6, 2010

Week One: Wrestle-offs

Wrestle-offs were on Fri. December 3rd after school for the upcoming weeks events. The results are as follows:
Linje Ross defeated Ken Reese 6-0 @ HWT.
Mike Hobson pinned Mursean Carroll in 2:26 @ 215
Mike Figer tech fall Lu-Ray Baker 15-1 @ 119 and is the starter
Donovan Hobbs tech fall Darrell Morris 16-1 @ 135
Kevin Leonard defeated Sean Ott 5-3 @ 140 and is the starter
Zak Adkins tech fall Jermaine Tolbert 16-1 @ 145 and is the starter
Montay Jordan pinned David Cozart in 1:18 @ 152 and is the starter
Brandon Sutton pinned Mike Hobson in :24 @ 215 and is the starter
Noah Brown pinned Robert Reeves in 3:29 @ HWT and is the starter for Wednesday
Reggie Phillips pinned Donovan Hobbs in 2:29 @ 135 and is the starter
Linje Ross pinned Noah Brown in :32 @ HWT and is the starter for Fri./Sat.