"Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference."
- Jim Zalesky, University of Iowa

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Week 2 Information

This week's wrestle-offs are finished and the line-up is set for this weekends matches. We travel to Chardon on Friday to take on the Hilltoppers and Ashtabula Lakeside Dragons. The match starts at 6PM. I do not know the line-up, as of yet, of the teams wrestling each other for the tri meet. All wrestlers must make scratch weight. 
The next day we travel to Parma Normandy for the Kalin Invitational Wrestling Tournament. That begins at 9AM and goes through to conclusion. With all weight classes filled, each wrestler should have 5 matches on Saturday. We do get one additional pound, due to the fact that we wrestled the night before. 
After this week, we do not have a varsity match until January 9th and 10th. However, we did just add a JV Tournament at St. Ignatius for Tuesday December 23rd. All wrestlers who are not seniors will be wrestling from 9AM until completion. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Riverside Results

The first event of the wrestling season is in the books and the Panthers had three place winners at the Riverside Rumble. Leading the way were Jacob Perpar and Brandon Eggleston, both with 4th place finishes. Noland Renfroe also placed 6th after defaulting his last two matches due to injury. Also wrestling well in the championship bracket was William Wilburn and Dylan Norwood, who both finished in 8th place. Placing in the Beaver Consolation bracket were Zak Adkins, Kevin Conroy, and Rynell Roper, who all came in second. Roper, a freshman, picked up his first three wins on the varsity mat. The tournament was won by West Branch, followed by Lorain Southview and Perry. We finished in 12th out of 16 teams even though we were forced to wrestle without 5 weight classes. Keep up the hard work.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Riverside Wrestle-offs

Wrestle-offs were held last Friday for this weeks Riverside Rumble. The results are as follows;
Hwt. Dennis Martin defeated Dustin Melchior pin 5:33
189 Edwin Chandler defeated Allan Cater pin 1:48
160 Jacob Perpar defeated Rayshawn Abrams pin 1:48
152 Rynell Roper defeated Montay Jordan pin 1:36
125 William Wilburn defeated Landel Carter pin :38
Hwt. Brandon Eggleston defeated Dennis Martin pin :30
189 Kevin Conroy defeated Edwin Chandler decision 6-2

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Week Of The Season Information

The season is now upon us. This week we start the schedule with the Painseville RIverside Rumble. This is the 9th annual edition of this pool tournament. We have been involved in it from the start. There are 16 teams and these are the same as last year; Benedictine, Brush, Cleveland Heights, Conneaut, Ashtabula Edgewood, Marion Elgin, Girard, Jefferson, Youngstown Liberty, Gahanna Lincoln, Perry, RIverside, West Branch. Two new teams were added this year with Kirtland and Lorain Southview. 
The tournament format is a 16 wrestler pool divided into 4 four-wrestler pools. Three rounds of pool competition will be wrestled on Friday beginning at 4:30 PM. Weigh-ins will be at 2:30 PM and we get an extra pound because of another team wrestling the night before. The top two placers in each pool qualify for the 8 wrestler double elimination championship bracket tournament to be contested on Saturday. The third and fourth place finishers in each pool qualify for the 8 wrestler single elimination Beaver Consolation bracket tournament to be contested on Saturday. Wrestling should end between 9:30-10:00 PM on Friday. 
The schedule of both days follow:
Friday December 12th
2:30 PM- weigh-ins begin
3:30 PM- Coaches meeting
4:30 PM- Wrestling begins
9:30 PM- Wrestling ends
Saturday December 13th
8:00 AM- Second day weigh-ins begin
10:00 AM- Consolation bracket wrestling begins on 5 mats
11:00 AM- Championship bracket preliminary matches begin
1:00 PM- Semi-finals and 2nd Round consolations
2:30 PM- Consolation Semi-final matches
4:00 PM- End of preliminary rounds
6:00 PM- Line-ups for introductions begin
6:30 PM- Finals begin 1st/3rd/5th place matches on 3 mats
*In the event that the tournament is snowed out on Friday, the tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

2008-09 NFHS Wrestling Rules Changes

2008-09 NFHS Wrestling Rules Changes

Major Changes

2-2-2: A clarification was made of the existence of a boundary for the coaches' restricted zone on the corner of the wrestling mat.

4-1-5 NEW: The wrestler's uniform is to be worn as intended/designed by the manufacturer.

4-2-1: A wrestler's hair in its natural state, in the front, shall not extend below the eyebrows.

4-2-3: The physician's release form for a wrestler to participate with a particular skin condition is now to be presented at the weigh-in unless a designated, on-site meet physician is present and is able to examine the wrestler immediately after the weigh-in.

4-2-5 NEW: A contestant may have documentation from a physician only indicating a specific condition such as a birthmark or other non-communicable skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and that documentation is valid for the duration of the season. It is valid with the understanding that a chronic condition could become secondarily infected and may require re-evaluation.

4-5-5: A one-pound weight allowance was added in the event of a school closing due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, where wrestling practice(s) cannot take place due to school policies. The rule change also makes it clear as to who should be notified when weight allowance is justified.

5-1-4; 6-6-1: Previously, the wrong wrestler being given choice in the first 30-second tiebreaker would have been considered bad time. Both situations under Rules 5-1-4 and 6-6-1 are similar and may now be connected equally. The rules now state what exactly takes place in the third period.

5-15-3: The referee now has the option at the edge of the mat to stop wrestling when no action is taking place without penalizing either wrestler and restart the wrestling in the center of the mat.

5-20-5 NOTE NEW: Nothing has changed in the offensive starting position. There is now a time sequence to follow.

5-25-6c NEW; 7-6-6c NEW: Referees now have rules support for a stalling call against a wrestler who repeatedly creates a stalemate situation to simply prevent his/her opponent from scoring and not from his/her own attempt to score.

5-31-1: The head coach will no longer be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct when his/her wrestlers report to the scorer's table not in proper uniform, not properly groomed, not properly equipped or not ready to wrestle.

6-7-1c6: The wrestler whose opponent has been penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct at anytime during the match now gets the choice of position for the ultimate tiebreaker. The unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will supersede the first points scored in the regulation match.

7-1-5w NEW: A back flip from the standing position is now an illegal maneuver.

7-4-1: Unnecessary roughness is further defined to include a forceful slap to the head or face, and/or gouging or poking the eyes.

New Referee Signal: A new referee signal has been implemented to indicate when to start recovery time during a match.

Editorial and Other Changes
3-3-2; 4-2-4; 5-15-2b; 5-16-3; 5-22-1; 5-28-1; 6-2-2; 6-6-6; 7-4-3; 8-1-6; 8-2-1; 8-2-8; PHOTOS 2, 3 (New), 31-33 (New), 57 (New), 84, 89.

Points of Emphasis
1. Grooming and Medical Checks
2. Reporting to the Scorer's Table Ready to Wrestle
3. Going Out of the Wrestling Area
4. Referees' Signals and Mechanics

Euclid Wrestling Rules and Policies

Euclid High School
Wrestling Policies and Guidelines

Academic Policy:
• Everyone is expected to go to every class. Our goal is a team GPA of 3.0
• OHSAA requires you to pass 5 one-credit courses or the equivalent in the immediately preceding grading period in order to be eligible to participate in sports.
• EHS requires you to have a 1.3 GPA in 9th grade, 1.4 GPA in 10th grade, 1.5 GPA in 11th grade, 1.6 GPA in 12th grade in order to participate in sports. (Only quarter grades dictate eligibility)
Letter Policy:
• Varsity letters are given on the basis of 10 matches or significant contribution to the team.
• All wrestlers must finish practicing until the end of the season to receive a letter.
• All wrestlers must be at the Winter Sports Banquet in order to receive their awards.
Physical Fitness Policy:
• Everyone must have a physical, insurance release form, and emergency medical card turned in before beginning practice.
• If you sustain an injury, inform a coach of the injury and we will have our trainer examine it. Injuries may excuse you from practicing but not practice.
• You are responsible for checking your weight before and after each practice.
• You must inform the coaches and our athletic trainer of any skin infections so they can be checked out.
• Fingernails must be cut, and no rings, earrings, or necklaces are to be worn during practice.
Attendance Policy:
• All practices, meets, team meetings, and team functions are to be attended unless an emergency situation exists.
• All appointments should be scheduled for times that do not conflict with your wrestling responsibilities.
• In order to be excused from practice you must do the following;
o Phone or e-mail a coach the night before.
o Find either Coach Turk or Coach Seacrist during school and tell us.
o Bring in a Doctors note after appointment.
• Excused Absences include; Family Death, Doctor/Dentist appointment, Family decisions
• Unexcused Absences include; Detentions, Extended Days, Work, Oversleeping, No ride to practice

Pre-season Conditioning:
• You must have a current physical to condition.
• Every Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the wrestling room.
• Starts at 2:45 PM. Be in the room ready in t-shirt, shorts, running/wrestling shoes.
• Will last until approximately 4:00 or 4:30PM.
• There are openings in every weight class. (14 positions)
• The first wrestle-off of the year is one match. After that, the returning varsity member must only win the first wrestle-off match. If the challenger wins the first wrestle-off of the rematch, then wrestle-offs become a two out of three challenge.
• You can only wrestle-off for the weight that your BMI assessment says that you can wrestle at that week or one weight higher.
• Weight classes: 103-112-119-125-130-135-140-145-152-160-171-189-215-HVT.
Practice and Meet Rules:
• Practice will begin at 2:45 P.M. everyday inside the wrestling room.
• At that time wrestlers will be dressed and ready for practice. (T-shirt, shorts, running/wrestling shoes)
• When issued, headgear will be required to be worn at every practice.
• Practices will last until approximately 5:00 or 5:30 P.M.
• Everyone must have clean practice gear, this includes kneepads.
• Do not leave an assigned area without notifying a coach. (Ex. bathroom break, locker, school locker)
• Do not steal or destroy school property.
• Horseplay, fighting, or swearing will not be allowed during practice.
• Show good sportsmanship to coaches, teammates, fans, and others.
• We sit together as a team at all meets and tournaments.
• Academics come first. We are Student Athletes, not Athlete Students. You are responsible for your grades to be eligible to wrestle. (We do not send around grading sheets.)
• You must ride the team bus to a meet. If you miss the bus you will not wrestle.
• I prefer you to ride the team bus home from a meet, but if your parent or guardian is present you may ride home with them.
• If you are late to practice, you will do extra at the end. See Consequences below.
• Any reported violations of the Code of Conduct (drinking, smoking, drug usage), school rules, or anything that will reflect negatively on the school or team could result in you being suspended from school and the team.
• Late to practice:
o Clean and mop the maps after practice
o Jump rope (10 minutes)
o Run a mile on the indoor track (16 laps)
• Unexcused Absences:
o 1st = 15 minutes of extra conditioning
o 2nd = 30 minutes of extra conditioning
o 3rd = 45 minutes of extra conditioning
o 4th = 60 minutes of extra conditioning
o 5th = Dismissal from the team

Wrestling Room:
• There will be no food allowed in the wrestling room, except after weigh-ins.
• You must have a lock for your locker. The wrestling room is not a locker room.
• Each night the room is to be cleared of clothing and equipment.
• You have made a commitment to yourself, your team, and your coaches.
• We expect you to keep that commitment.

State Tickets

If anyone is interested in OHSAA State Wrestling tickets, I just received the All-session ticket application. They are $60.00 for lower bowl and $50.00 for upper terrace. We can get a maximum of 8 sets of tickets. The dates are March 5, 6, 7, 2009. It is a great venue at The Ohio State University and the tournament has been voted the best high school state wrestling championship in the country. If you are interested, contact me before 12/20. The seats are on a first-come, first-served basis and I would like to get them in soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Season, New Changes

Here we are on the brink of a new season and there are many changes that are at hand.

First of all, Mr. Ranallo decided not to come back this year as head coach. He continues to teach in the school, but will not be on the mat with us. Also, Coach O'Brien chose not to come back due to his new family. This leaves myself, Coach Turk, as the only remaining coach from last year. I will assume the head coaching position this year as a first timer. We have added Mr. Seacrist, a mobile teacher, as our assistant coach.
Second, we have a tough schedule that will challenge our wrestlers in the coming year. We have two home matches one on Jan. 31st and the other on Feb. 12th (Parents Night). The rest of our schedule will be on the road.
Third, is that we will change the format for wrestle-offs. This week, on Friday December 5th, we will have our first wrestle-offs. This will decide our line-up for the RIverside Rumble. The following weeks the starter only has to win the challenge match to retain his spot. Should the starter lose, then it becomes a best of 3 series to determine the starter. This is how they do it in college and it is fair to the returning starter and the challenger.
Fourth, there are some new rule changes for the year. The biggest being lining up in the referees position, which has a new sequence. To begin from the down position, the top guy must now put his hand on the navel, then put the palm on the elbow. The ref will then momentarily pause before blowing the whistle. This will prevent rolling starts and the advantage the top wrestler had.
Lastly, this is the 50th anniversary of our 1958 State Championship Wrestling team. We will look to honor them at future match.

I am excited to get this season started. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or contact me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Week 9 Information

This week is the last of the regular season and we travel to Eastlake North for a triangular match. The other team in the tri. will be Ashtabula Lakeside, a team that we saw at the Perry Pin City Tournament. Our Panthers hope to improve on their 10-1 dual meet record before heading to sectionals.

Bus will be at 4:15 PM
Weigh-ins will be at 5:00PM
Wrestling starts at 6:00 PM

As of this moment, I do not know the order the meets will take place in.

Hope to see everybody there! Go Panthers!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Week 8 Results

Senior Parents Night

The triangular match between NDCL, Warrensville Heights and Euclid did not take place in its entirety because NDCL had a snow day and was not able to compete. Instead, Euclid took on Warrensville Heights for the second time in a dual meet this year. The results were very similar to the first, with Euclid winning 63-9.

The senior wrestlers went 3-1 in their last match at home. Tim Lake received a forfeit and then defeated teammate Dylan Norwood in an exhibition match. Anthony Black won by a pin in the second round. Dustin Cromie won a 9-2 decision over a tough opponent. The only blemish was Ronnie Adkins controversial defeat to a Brakeman ranked opponent. It was the rubber match between the two with Ronnie winning the L.E.L. with a pin and the Warrensville wrestler winning the Bedford tournament in overtime. This time a questionable reversal call was what decided the match.

The team now has a 10-1 record in dual matches on the season and travel to Eastlake North on Friday for a tri. with North and Ashtabula Lakeside. The match starts at 6PM.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Week 7 Results

Wow! What an amazing dual meet!

The Panthers defeated their rivals for the first time in 6 years with an exciting come-from-behind victory in the last match.

In the first dual, the Panthers took on the Wickliffe Blue Devils and easily won 60-15. Wickliffe forfeited many weights and had no chance in the match.

In the second dual, which was the headliner, Euclid took on the host VASJ Vikings. We had not defeated them for 6 years. The match started poorly with the home team winning the first three matches and taking a 12-0 lead. It was a back and forth battle the rest of the way out and we fought to a 36-33 lead going into the last match.
(If VASJ won the next match by a decision, they would tie, or if they won by a major decision or pin, they would win the match)

Junior Jacob Perpar stepped up in a big way and won his match by a technical fall, 15 point victory, to bring home a 41-33 team victory.

Great Job wrestlers!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Week 7 Information

Rivalry Week

The Panthers will take on the Vikings this week in a neighborhood rivalry that dates back many years. Also included in the match-up are the Wickliffe Blue Devils.

Match information is as follows:
Wrestlers need to be back at the high school by 4:30PM to ride the bus the short distance to VASJ
(They will not be allowed to wait in the wrestling room until 4:30)
Weigh-ins are at 5PM
Wrestling starts at 6PM
Admission is $8 Adults $5 Students (This is due to the fundraiser that VASJ is having which is a pasta dinner following the match)
We are only bringing the starters to the match due to the dinner. Other wrestlers are welcome to come and attend but must pay at the gate.

This should be a great match for us as we prepare for sectionals and districts.

Good Luck and Sink the Vikings!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week 6 Results

Our team picked up our first tournament trophy in five years with a second place finish at the Joe Searcy Memorial Bedford Invitational Tournament on Saturday.

Leading the many placers that helped us to the runner-up finish was Ibrahim Shafau 1st @ 112. Finishing in second was Payton Wainwright @ 112, Ronnie Adkins @ 145, Jacob Perpar @ 160, Anthony Black @ 189, and Dustin Cromie @215.

Also wrestling in the finals were Tim Lake 3rd, Rayshawn Abrams 4th, Brandon Eggelston 3rd, and William Wilburn 3rd.

Earlier in the day, for other placement positions, these following wrestlers prevailed and placed for the team. Kevin Carney 7th, Kevin Conroy 5th, Robert Schwartz 5th, Noland Renfroe 5th, and Edwin Chandler 6th.

Great job wrestlers lets keep it up!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 6 Information

The wrestling team travels back to Bedford for the Joe Searcy Memorial Bedford Bearcat Invitational Wrestling Tournament or the JSMBBIWT. This is a one day tournament on Saturday Jan. 19. Weigh-ins will begin at 8AM.

The teams competing will be;
Chagrin Falls
Canton McKinley
Lutheran West
Maple Heights B
Warrensville Heights

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Individual awards will be given for wrestlers placing 1st-4th. The champion in each weight will receive a championship t-shirt and a wall chart. There also will be an award for MVW and fastest pin.

Entry fee for students is $2 and $5 for adults. They will clear the gym and recharge for the finals which begin at 7PM. Concessions will be available all day.

Week 5 Results

Chagrin Falls Results:

Our team first took on Independence from the CVC before the host Tigers on their parents night. We defeated Independence by the score of 38-35. We only won 4 of 11 head-to-head matches against them. However, they forfeited 3 weight classes thus allowing us to squeak by with a win.

Against the host team we won convincingly by the score of 78-6. We only lost one match on the night. Chagrin is having a down year in numbers and are dealing with many injuries. As a result, they had to forfeit 7 weight classes. In the other 7 matches that were wrestled, we were victorious in 6 of them, all by pins.

L.E.L. Duals Results:

We took a undefeated dual meet record into the L.E.L.'s hoping to win the league for the first time in 22 years. In the opening match, we defeated a full Admiral King squad by the score of 39-27. They had finished 3rd in the L.E.L. a year ago.
In the second match we were beaten by the defending L.E.L. champion Bedford Bearcats by the score of 42-34. We had a good chance for the upset with some big early wins, however, bonus points are what hurt us the most. Bonus points are extra points over a decision. A decision is winning by 1 to 7 over the opponent. Those are 3 team points. A major decision is 4 team points, a technical fall is 5 team points, and pins are 6 points. We unfortunately gave up too many pins in our losses. Of the 14 matches wrestled, we went 7-7. So you see the bonus points really sunk us.
We bounced back in the next two matches to take out Warrensville Heights and Shaw by the combined score of 126-22. As a result, we finished second in the league.
Even though we did not accomplish our team goal, some individuals made the All-L.E.L. team. Ibrahim Shafau, William Wilburn, Ronnie Adkins, and Dustin Cromie made 1st team by going 4-0. Anthony Thomas, Landel Carter, Jacob Perpar, Anthony Black, and Brandon Eggleston made 2nd team. That makes 9, of the 13 wrestlers we brought, all league. Congrats.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Upcoming Week 5 Schedule

Yesterday at practice we had wrestle-offs for the next two weeks.

On Thursday we travel to Chagrin Falls for a tri match with the host and Independence. Weigh-ins are at 5PM and wrestling starts at 6PM. We hope to stay undefeated in dual meets and add to our 2-0 record.

Saturday brings the L.E.L. duals at Bedford. Weigh-ins are at 9AM and wrestling starts at 10AM. There are five teams fighting for the title of champion this year. Euclid, Warrensville Heights, East Cleveland Shaw, Admiral King, and defending champions Bedford. There will be five rounds of wrestling and each team will have a bye. The teams are seeded by their finish in the L.E.L. duals last year. #1 BEDFORD #2 ADMIRAL KING #3 EUCLID #4 WARRENSVILLE HTS. #5 SHAW.

The schedule is as follows;

ROUND 1 (10:00-11:15AM)
ROUND 2 (11:20-12:30PM)
ROUND 3 (12:35-1:50PM)
ROUND 4 (1:55-3:10PM)
ROUND 5 (3:15-4:30PM)

Week 4 Results

The team finished 9th in the Perry Pin City Tournament this past weekend. Ronnie Adkins picked up our team Wrestler-of-the-Week award and the New Herald Player of the Week award for his first place finish at 145 pounds. He went 5-0 on the weekend, with 3 pins, a decision in the semis, and a 12-2 major decision in the finals. He now has a 14-4 record on the year. Dustin Cromie finished 3rd over a wrestler who has beaten him twice this year already. His 7-1 win in the finals increased his record to a team best 15-5 with 11 pins, also leading the team. Other placers for the team were Tim Lake and Brandon Eggleston, both 4th, and Jacob Perpar in 5th. In the consolation white bracket, we had two who finished in first and received medals. Anthony Black (189) and William Wilburn (!35) each took home these. Other placers in the white bracket were Noland Renfroe 2nd and Payton Wainwright 3rd. Overall, the coaches are very happy with how the squad acted as a team and that they were 4.5 points out of 5th place. Keep up the good work wrestlers.