"Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference."
- Jim Zalesky, University of Iowa

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maple Heights, Glenville, Admiral King

Friday night was a walk in the park compared to the battle we had on Saturday night. We took on always tough Maple Heights first on Senior Night, where they soundly handed us a 62-15 defeat. The bright spot was that we avoided state champion Kory Mines and that we won 3 of 7 matches. Next, Admiral King took their turn in beating us 60-13. Last up was Glenville who got by us with a 37-14 win. We were down to 7 wrestlers in these duals, so giving up 7 classes and 42 points helped the lopsided team scores.
The Panthers are next in action at the Geneva T.K. Duals at 10:00 AM this Saturday.

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